Sailor Moon Eternal: 5 Things It Can’t Skip and 1 Thing It Should

How will Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie reboot the Sailor Moon series?

The newest film in the Sailor Moon franchise is finally coming to Netflix on June 3. Titled “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie,” the two-part film reboots the fourth season of the original show and the Dream arc of the manga. It has been 26 years since the show aired and fans are curious how the story will be updated. Here are 5 things we can’t wait to see in the film…and one thing we hope they skip.

1. Their Cool New Gadgets

Every season of Sailor Moon brings fantastically upgraded weapons. Sailor Moon gets the Moon Kaleidoscope, a magical wand that scatters moonlight with kaleidoscope mirrors to destroy dark enemies. Chibiusa has the Crystal Carillon Bell and Stallion Reve, a bejeweled globe that lets her communicate with Pegasus. The magical items have already been slightly redesigned in manga, anime, and merchandise form. The film will reimagine them once again.

2. The Amazoness Quartet as the Sailor Quartet

The cheeky Amazoness Quartet were fan favorites. They began as henchmen for the Black Moon Circus but went on to become allies of the Sailor Guardians. In the manga, the four continue on to become Sailor Guardians themselves but this storyline was not adapted into the ’90s anime. Will their story be completed in the film?  

3. Irreverent Humor

Fans often say that director Kunihiko Ikuhara brought his signature brand of meta-jokes to the show. We certainly see this in episode 132, where he pokes fun at Usagi and Mamoru’s eyebrow-raising age gap. In this episode, Mamoru’s college friends visit and awkwardly meet his 15-year-old girlfriend. Nervous chuckle indeed. 

4. All Things Fisheye

Fisheye has become an icon for gender fluid fans. In a surprisingly progressive portrayal, Fisheye takes the human form of a cisgender, homosexual man who frequently dresses as a woman…and wins the love of many men. He was the first among the trio to seek redemption after falling in love with Mamoru.    

5. Chibiusa and Usagi’s Age Swap

Episode 158 is iconic. After wishing she could grow up, Chibiusa suddenly finds herself a teenager. Unfortunately, older Chibiusa loses her power to call Pegasus. She realizes that trying to grow up too quickly just confuses her. She needs to be true to her own dreams and destiny, which means being true to herself.  

And…No thanks

Who thought it was a good idea to portray the Amazon Trio as bar-hopping sexual predators who forcibly enter people’s dream mirrors? In this post Me-Too era, that plotline is one big yikes.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie premieres on Netflix on June 3, 2021.

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